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Gear Advertising are a double accredited, award winning agency, specialising in recruitment advertising … an agency that has cracked the code of getting into the heads of the ‘passive readers’ … an agency in the top-three (as measured by major media houses)
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I would like to place on record how much I appreciate the prompt and professional service I get from GEAR advertising. The innovative advertising advice and advertisement text, goes beyond my expectations. I also appreciate the willingness to find ways to assist during short deadline periods and the patience displayed when our demands become quite onerous.

Thank you for being our partner in this important deliverable for our organization.

University of the Western Cape

Amanda Glaeser

Executive Director: HR University of the Western Cape

In March we advertised 2 senior jobs through Gear Advertising. They fulfilled this assignment by delivering on outcomes that were more than acceptable to SA Rugby.

They conducted themselves professionally throughout the assignment. This is a good start to what we believe will be long term relationship with Gear Advertising.

South African Rugby

Ingrid Mangcu

General Manager South African Rugby

We haven’t worked with GEAR for very long, but I can say that every design they’ve produced has excited us – they’re highly creative and think out-the-box!

Central University of Technology

Helène Kotze

Deputy Director: HR Central University of Technology


Blue Horizon – Empowering People (Pty) Ltd has enjoyed a long standing relationship with Executive Partners, Academic Partners and Gear Advertising, spanning some 14 years and often working in tandem with them on matters of client Organisational Structuring & Development, Talent Management and Remuneration, as offered by our company.

The Prokon Engagement

Prokon is a client in the agricultural sector, which grades and certifies vegetables for South African markets and retail distribution centers.

Blue Horizon was mandated to identify a new CEO for Prokon, someone who could provide unquestionable strategic leadership for this well-established organization, someone who could competently act as an effective catalyst within a changing and challenging agricultural landscape, while finding new opportunities and growing markets for future sustainability.

Based on our an unfaltering relationship with Gear Advertising, Blue Horizon, as mandated by Prokon, had no hesitation in turning to its unique approach of effectively attracting top executive talent from among an audience of ‘passive readers’.

The selection committee was nothing less than totally impressed with Gear’s copywriting and artwork submission.


The advertisement drew many worthy candidates from the industry, from which a short list was compiled. The appointment of Mr. Etienne Booyens has since been hailed as a remarkable success story.

Blue Horizon – Empowering People (Pty) Ltd has no hesitation in recommending Gear Advertising, especially when it comes to willing and friendly advice, cost effectiveness, unique copywriting technique and world-class artwork, especially as it applies to attracting the highest calibre of executives from among otherwise passive readers.

Blue Horizon

Johan van der Westhuizen

Managing Director Blue Horizon – Empowering People (Pty) Ltd

The service from Gear advertising is very professional and accurate at all times. They always ensure that all the adverts are correct before going to print and confirm with you first that you are satisfied with what you want to go to print. Its such a pleasure working with Gear because I know that everything has been taken care off and all my needs will be met. A “big up” to the whole team at Gear Advertising.

University of the Western Cape

Meisie Makauza

Human Capital Department: North-West University