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Gear Advertising are a double accredited, award winning agency, specialising in recruitment advertising … an agency that has cracked the code of getting into the heads of the ‘passive readers’ … an agency in the top-three (as measured by major media houses)
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Our News

Amara Awards 2016

14 August 2016

For the second year in a row, Gear Advertising has two adverts in the running for the Sunday Times ‘Most creative advertisement – Private Sector’ - 2016!

We are thrilled to again have two advertisements in the running for this prestigious award. Such an honour as only 5 are chosen nationally! The award ceremony takes place at The Maslow Hotel in Sandton, on 19 November 2016. Watch this space!!!

14 November 2015

Gear walks away with 2 of the 3 top awards, AMARA 2015

Most Creative Recruitment Advertisement – Private Sector. Flanked by the management team of the Sunday Times (Yusaf Patel `{`left`}` and Anna Marie Mahri `{`right`}`), Phil Cooper, Gear Advertising’s Studio Manager accompanied by Jimmy Wayland (Gear’s MD), receive the 1st Runners-up AMARA Award - Academic Baby Boomers Association (ABBA).

Marion Binder

01 November 2015

Industry stalwart joins Gear Advertising

Marian Binder, a stalwart in the recruitment advertising sector for many years has pleasingly chosen Gear Advertising as her new home! The sheer calibre of someone like Marian joining our humble team attests to how quickly Gear has positioned itself in a highly competitive market” said Kathy Wayland a Director of Gear Advertising. Marian went on to say “Given the quality of advertisements Gear produces coupled to their proven ability, made the decision very easy for me!``<br />

16 August 2015

Sunday Times announces top 5 advertisements 2015 ‘Most creative – Private Sector’ and two come out of the Gear camp!

Having just stepped off the plane following a tiring overseas flight, Kathy and I were totally ‘refreshed’ when one of the first things we did was open the Sunday Times Career supplement to learn Gear Advertising was nominated, not once, but twice for ‘The Most Creative Advertisement – Private Sector, 2015’”, said Jimmy Wayland. “Not bad considering only 5 advertisements are chosen each year” he quipped.

Vuyo Stiya

01 February 2015

Vuyo Stiya joins Gear Advertising from the hospitality sector

We are pleased to welcome Vuyo to our team. We have known Vuyo as a Lodge Manager for many years. Having always been impressed by his spirited and service-orientated ways, made the hiring decision really easy” said Kathy Wayland (Director) “This is a classic example of hiring for attitude and training for skills.”